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Her First Time: Another Poetry Title by Dinkwe Productions

Yesterday marked the release of a new collection of poetry titled Her First Time selling at R85 per copy, by a new poet and writer Stephina Kwadi. Her book is a collection of poetry that she has been writing since she was a little girl. Though a new kid on the blog her poetry shows that she is an avid reader and a prolific writer. Her First Time is filled with fulfilling poetry for people who find comfort in poetry especially women.This is a taste from her poetry taken verbatim from page 40 of the book:


Each day I wonder what life would have been like,
Had I allowed your existence,
My mind is tormented, tortured and haunted,
By the fact that the choice I made denied you a life and a soul.
Each day I sit and reflect,
On how God bestowed on me the responsibility,
To nurture you, care for you and deliver you to your destiny,
But like a foolish man who builds his house on sand,
I destroyed your every being and earthly mortality.
Each day I am conscious about how,
Containing you made me so omnipotent and impotent,
I carried every remnant of your formation and creation in my front,
But my humanly imperfections, worries, fears and anxiety,
Destroyed everything you represented.
Each day I think about how my delinquent hands,
Week mind and short sightedness killed all your hopes,
Fantasies, future and desires.
In my weakness I failed to find what is called “the brighter side”
In my hastiness and foolishness I failed to decipher,
The fact that you are a blessing,
A blessing gifted to me by the All Loving.
And like an ungrateful beneficiary, I looked the gift horse right in its mouth.
Each day I am anguished about the fact that not having you,
Has had such a negative impact on every single aspect of my being,
My emotions ever so unstable, spiritually so dead,
Psychologically like a Schizoid I feel,
And those few hundreds of rands I shelled out to conclude you.


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